Ayseef in Sept 6 issue of PAPIRMASSE!

I will be featured in the Sept 6th issue of PAPIRMASSE. Please check out my poem “What I did on my summer vacation”

From the Papirmasse website

“Our  postcard contest garnered entries from all over the world.
Here, in no particular order, are the winners. Their winning entries will be
posted online September 6 when we reveal our September issue online.”

reveDna wins Honourable Mention at “Time Frame”!

I am happy report that “Corn” by reveDna Collective won Honourable mention at “Time Frame”.  My piece “Saw clock” in the same show has been sold. 

“Time Frame” features a wide variety of wonderful art: photography, painting, and mixed media  – by a group of talented artists. This shows runs until July 10th at the beautifully restored Alton Mill Gallery. A trip to the mill site, galleries and surrounding countryside is definitely worth the trip and makes for a wonderful outing for the whole family.

Who or what is Ayseef?

Ayseef  (pronounced A – see – eff) is the phonetic spelling of the letters “A C F”. These are my initials.

Ayssef is a complex issue and here you will find the basics of why Ayseef may be dormant.

Ayseef is nirgendwo.
Ayseef does not seem to move or do do anything, yet Ayseef is always in motion.
Ayseef keeps her hands warm by building a sculpture from nothing.
Ayseef keeps her feet warm by scavenging teh streets for found objects.

I don’t know what Ayseef is. You tell me once you figure it out.
Ayseef is nirgends.
Somedays Ayseef does not exist.

Hello world

Welcome to my website! Stay tuned for ongoing updates and new features.

Coming soon: the answer to “Who or what is Ayseef?”